VIP Café Show – Youngstown, Ohio – Local Guests with Amazing Impact to Our Community

E8: VIP Café Show featuring Jimmy Sutman from Big Purple Cat

May 02, 2021 Brian Blasko and Greg Smith Season 1 Episode 8
VIP Café Show – Youngstown, Ohio – Local Guests with Amazing Impact to Our Community
E8: VIP Café Show featuring Jimmy Sutman from Big Purple Cat
Show Notes

Jimmy Sutman is our guest from Big Purple Cat.


Improving the quality of life for many adults with disabilities. The Purple Cat has been helping Valley residents living with disabilities for almost two decades. Their farm in Coitsville allows clients to work with animals and spend time in nature.

In the last year, they’ve expanded the space for even more of their clients, those bound to wheelchairs.

The Purple Cat at Farmer Casey’s Ranch is a place for anyone with disabilities to work, learn and grow with nature.

Jimmy has immeasurably improved the lives of hundreds of challenged individuals and their families. But it started with Joe. “I saw Joe’s big smile as he got off that bus and knew we were going to be friends,” Jimmy Sutman recalls.

Nearly 20 years on, and Jimmy has befriended many Joes. As the progenitor of The Purple Cat.

Since that first day in 1994 at MASCO, Jimmy and Joe were instantly inseparable. Before long, Jimmy was taking him to ball games, movies, and meals, and befriending his family. Joe increasingly became difficult for his family to handle, so Jimmy dedicated himself to providing him a home.

That act of kindness begat ISLE (Iron and String Life Enhancement), a nonprofit Jimmy started to provide residential, respite, advocacy, transportation and vocational services to Mahoning and Trumbull County individuals with various disabilities. Today they employ over 400 professionals who oversee numerous activities. They also house and care for 88 individuals in 22 separate apartment buildings and homes throughout the region.

“Problem-solving is our primary responsibility to our clients,” Jimmy states. “For some, we have to make all decisions for them. For those more able, we offer Adult Basic Education courses, teaching

them daily living skills, like cooking for themselves, balancing their checkbook, computer skills, whatever they need to learn.”

Various components form the whole of Jimmy’s outreach to the disabled: Iron & String provides residential, respite, advocacy, transportation, and vocational services to individuals with disabilities in Mahoning and Trumbull counties. Iron & String is the parent company of the other components.

GOLDEN STRING helps adults and children with disabilities realize their fullest potential, and offers community-based activities, recreation, and socialization. Five ‘Habilitation Centers’ in the region serve their clients, including Purple Cat Productions, where clients perform in theater and music; Farmer Casey’s Ranch in Coitsville, where clients tend to a large menagerie of animals; and Golden String Radio, where clients become disc jockeys and format all genres of music and communicate through the internet.

THE PURPLE CAT provides creative day programming services to adults with disabilities. It offers practical learning experiences, daily living skills, and activities, which provide education and employment.

TOUCH THE MOON CANDY SALOON on South Phelps Street in downtown Youngstown, Ohio, offers functional employment and helps those with disabilities to participate in a wide range of vocational job opportunities.